Syncing org-mode Across Devices

17 Jan 2021

I use org-mode extensively to not only write notes but also as a todo-list for personal bureaucracy and university tasks. In the past week, I’ve also started using org-agenda and org-mode’s todos for work. Additionally, some of the engineering notes that I take on my personal laptop tend to be relevant for work as well.

I needed a way to synchronize these files across devices. While I would normally default to using git for something like this, I wanted to try something new, namely file syncing only within my local network.

I stumbled upon Syncthing and set it up on my work machine running macOS and my personal machine running GNU/Linux Manjaro. Each machine is now running Syncthing automatically and syncing my relevant org-mode files nicely.

So far, I have not run into issues but I am attentively observing the org-files that I am syncing. If no majorly crippling issues (such as Syncthing somehow deleting the files in one device) come up, I can imagine myself completely using this tool as I divorce myself from Apple’s products and subscription services.